About Us

Shaping Mind For Future

We welcome an aspiring educational center, result of long research in the educational sector generally in quality education and especially in knowledge based and practical education. Realizing the need of local education system, this school promises to impart centurial education equipped with modern technology and preserved local knowledge. We are going to fuse the global education system with our oriental knowledge.

Principal's Message

"Dear Parents/Guardians"

It’s my pleasure to welcome you at Kautilya School. At this school, we will shape the mind of your wards for the better future. We don’t compromise in the quality and impart practical based education as per the needs of the time. The students will find a peaceful and homely environment in our premises. The caring teachers, techno-based education, cultural learning, societal comprehension, and global insight will motivate the students to reach in their own destinations. I assure you that the future of your child at Kautilya will pave the better way to be a good human being in the days to come.